Identifying scientific experts in a given field can take hours and the results are often not exhaustive

SCI-BRAIN identifies in a few seconds the experts in a field

SCI-BRAIN's algorithm analyzes multiple data sources and gives you a ranked list of experts, their detailed information and shows you how they are related to each other.

Experts ranking

Our algorithm generates a ranked list of expert that you can filter by country and export as an Excel file

Detailed information

For each expert, SCI-BRAIN provides you information such as publications, seniority level and location

Collaboration network

Explore the experts network and discover how they are connected and the strength of their collaborations

Key Applications of SCI-BRAIN

  • Identify and Rank Experts
  • Map Key Opinion Leaders
  • Accelerate Due-Diligence
  • Explore New Fields

Our Clients

SCI-BRAIN helps professionals from consulting companies, venture capital firms and research organizations in their day-to-day operations.


Luc Mathis

Life Sciences Executive
"SCI-BRAIN offers a smart and quick tool to identify the most influential experts in a topic, something which is key for business and scientific leaders. SCI-BRAIN team is very knowledgeable and provides the support needed to make the most of the platform."

Hadrien Bouchez

Associate @ Kurma Partners
"SCI-BRAIN has speeded up dramatically our experts search, both for academic researchers and clinicians. Now we have more time to focus on high-value activities: Strongly recommended!"

Founding Team

Alvise Trevisan, PhD


Alvise trained as a mathematician and worked as a software engineer and project manager. In the rare breaks from his laptop, he loves to do any activity that ends with "diving", from scuba to sky.


Giacomo Bastianelli, PhD


Giacomo is a bio-scientist and serial entrepreneur with a strong passion for innovation and design.
When he is not building companies, you will find him catching waves.

#VC #UI/UX #Biotech

Nicola Bonzanni, PhD


Nicola is a computer scientist who loves creating beautiful software and help others doing their best work.


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